Looking at the X-Rays

Preliminary investigative work has begun into the X-rays of the paintings. Acetates of the x-rays have been produced, which, when placed on a light wall, show clearer and less grainy images compared with digital ones.

On October 27th, Mark Richter, Hilary Macartney and Pippa Stephenson spent time examining the X-ray of Philip II, King of Spain, by Alonso Sánchez Coello on the light wall in the University of Glasgow Library Special Collections Conservation Studio. Here are a couple of images kindly taken by Ela Gorska-Wiklo (Preservation Manager, UofG Library) of the study session.


mark and hilary
Mark and Hilary piecing together acetates of the X-ray of Philip II on the light wall. Image courtesy of Ela Gorska-Wiklo


pippa, mark and hilary
Mark, Hilary and Pippa (l-r) in front of the light wall, studying the X-ray of Philip II. Image courtesy of Ela Gorska-Wiklo

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