The Symposium, February 2019

It’s been a busy time for the project! Our international symposium was held from February 20th-22nd 2019.

Poster designed by Rosie Thorp


Contributors from around the world met to discuss and present findings from research into Lady in the Fur Wrap and the related Spanish portraits.

These included:

  • Patrick Dietemann, Doerner Institut, Munich
  • Stefan Zumbühl, University of Applied Sciences, Bern
  • Leticia Ruiz, Prado Museum, Madrid
  • Teresa Posada Kubissa, Prado Museum, Madrid
  • Members of Prado Museum Scientific Analysis & Documentation Depts:
  • María Dolores Gayo, Maite Jover & Laura Alba
  • Véronique Gerard Powell, Université de Paris-Sorbonne
  • Annemarie Jordan, Universidade Nova de Lisboa
  • Lesley Miller, Victoria & Albert Museum/University of Glasgow
  • Hilary Davidson, University of Sydney
  • Rocio Bruquetas, Museo de América, Madrid
  • Vanessa de la Cruz, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona
  • Carmen Espinosa, Museo Lázaro Galdiano, Madrid
  • Ana Cabrera, Museo del Traje, Madrid

With venues including Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, the University of Glasgow and Pollok House, it was an exciting and engaging culmination of project research. This blog post will hopefully give you an insight into the events of the symposium – the symposium findings and conclusions will be released at a later date.


Day one focused on the results of technical art history investigations, and matters of attribution and provenance.


Day two saw visits to Glasgow Museum Resource Centre and Pollok House to see many of the project’s paintings in person. The afternoon was spent looking at court portraiture of the 16th century, dress history (including a reconstruction of the veil by Hilary Davidson) and the role of miniatures in this time period.


Day three began with discussion on the reception history of the Lady, followed by an engaging debate on future strategies for reinterpretation and display. Each of the paintings comprising this project were looked at and individually assessed. Film footage and the project documentary were shown in the cinema at the University of Glasgow.

The symposium finished with an informal drinks reception, a chance for relaxed discussion following an intense and informative few days!

All photos: University of Glasgow Photography Unit

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  1. What was the consensus, if any, on who might have been the artist who created the remarkable and modernistic masterpiece of 1577, entitled Lady with a Fur Wrap?

    Thank you

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