Visit to the Prado Museum

Our project Unwrapping an Icon has now entered its second year, during which we will be seeking to deepen our knowledge of the Lady in a Fur Wrap and related sixteenth-century portraits in the Stirling Maxwell Collection and widen our understanding of their context. We continue to draw on our invaluable learning experiences during our visit to Madrid in November 2017 as we plan further research trips, workshops and other events for 2018. In particular, the opportunity to exchange information and ideas with our colleagues at the Prado Museum – Leticia Ruiz (Curator of Sixteenth-Century Spanish Paintings), Dolores Gayo (Head of Scientific Analysis), and other members of the scientific analysis laboratory and technical documentation department Maite Jover, Laura Alba and Inmaculada Echevarria – will help to guide our research methods and use of comparative material over the coming year. In this post, we share some footage of our visit to the Prado, as a way of acknowledging our continuing debt to our colleagues there for their collaboration with us on our project.

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