Dr Hilary Macartney, Director, Stirling Maxwell Research Project

Welcome to our blog on our current research project on the Lady in a Fur Wrap and related portraits in the Stirling Maxwell Collection, owned by Glasgow Museums and normally displayed at Pollok House, which is cared for by the National Trust for Scotland. I’m Hilary Macartney – I’m an art historian with a special interest in Spanish art and the director of this project. I’d also like to introduce you to Rosie Thorp, our volunteer curatorial assistant on this project. Together, we’ll be offering insights into different aspects of the project as it progresses, for example, through interviews with some of the people involved, guest posts and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the research being carried out. We’ll also alert you to updates on our project webpage, http://www.gla.ac.uk/schools/cca/research/arthistoryresearch/projectsandnetworks/stirlingmaxwellresearchproject/#/unwrappinganicon:ladyinafurwrap&relatedportraits, which is part of the wider Stirling Maxwell Research Project, which will also include occasional short videos and footage of the work of the project.

Rosie Thorp, Volunteer Curatorial Assistant